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20 books ranging from magical to steampunk, from rom coms to dystopias and everything in between… Find your reads for the winter.


crossbones_ebook-400x600Crossbones by Stefan M. Nardi

A world on the brink of war. A quest for vengeance. A secret that could change everything.
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unicornmagic-2-600x900Unicorn Magic by Roz Marshall

In Feyland, not everything is as it seems…
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aquestionoffaithA Question of Faith by Nicole Zoltack

If Crystal can’t control her magic, she’ll lose not only lose her family, her friends, and her faith, she just might start the apocalypse.
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come-undone-high-resolutionWhen In Rome…Come Undone
by Lena Mae Hill

Four sweet romance sneak peeks!
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25-protector_1Protector by Joanne Wadsworth

Sink your teeth into this hot Young Adult fantasy series. Across worlds, soul-bound mates battle against both love and land.
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PrintTesla by Mark Lingane

Steampunk vs Cyberpunk. What if a whole race wanted you dead, where would you go? What if everything you thought you knew about yourself was wrong?
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XOE Boxset 1-3Xoe Meyers Trilogy
by Sara C. Roethle

A demon’s life is never easy.
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last-seeker4The Last Seeker by Fleur Camacho

Only one thing can trigger Tristen’s ancient magic, and she just showed up.
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escape-webEscape by Inna Hardison

What if everything you knew about the world around you was a lie, and the very people you were taught to fear were your salvation, your escape? Amazon Bestseller in YA Dystopian.
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apocalyptic-records-cover-with-taglineApocalyptic Records by DJ Shaw

Sometimes being gifted isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.
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tattooed-cover4-kindleTottooed Teardrops by P.D. Workman

“I don’t plan on getting in any trouble.”
First place fiction award winner In the Margins Best Books for Teens 2016.
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whisper-gatherersWhisper Gatherers by
Nicola McDonagh

Starving renegades are gathering, ready to storm the last safe haven in NotSoGreatBritAlbion.
Only Adara, a rebellious girl with a unique power can save the terrified inhabitants from the evil that threatens.
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synchrony_cvr_medSynchrony by Cindy Ray Hale

When her boyfriend’s terrible secret shatters Destiny, she must learn to heal her heart by
strengthening her friends before his return threatens to unearth her buried feelings.
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gift-of-the-masterGift of the Master
by Robert J. Fluegel

A 15 year-old bookworm is pulled inside his book as the main character in a story he must complete or be swallowed into eternity.
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lmp-coverLove and Muddy Puddles
by Cecily Anne Pererson

Everything’s gone wrong for teenage fashionista Coco Franks when she finds herself living in the country far away from her friends. It’ll take a boy with no dress sense & a difficult horse called Cupcake to make her happy again. Or will it be too late for Coco?
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monk_metamorphosis_ebookStrange Metamorphosis
by Paul C.R. Monk

A boy undergoes magical mutations on a life-changing quest…
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mirror-of-stone1600x1000Mirror of Stone by Corie J. Weaver

On the frontier moon of Travbon, sixteen-year old Eleanor Weber stumbles into a decades-old government conspiracy and is forced to run to survive.
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dryad_sacrifice_cover-188x300The Dryad’s Sacrifice
by Alycia Christine

The pilgrimage of their dreams has just become a battle against their nightmares.
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breeders2smallThe Breeders by Katie French

When you’re an endangered species, it’s either live or love.
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9ef03b5c8e01be4972913aded199dbaf647cbbedThrone of Ice by Paula M. Hunter

Will this faerie tale have a happily ever after?
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