Legacy is Book Three of the five-book Alliance Series.

Brody leads a rescue mission to an Alliance Metro but he’s has his own agenda. He is not just there to save a few dozen innocents, he is there to confront his past. His impulsive decision is nearly catastrophic for them, but for the first time, they get closer to discovering who the enemy actually is, and that what they’d been fighting all along was but a silly game in a much larger and much more nuanced war with much higher stakes on both sides.

There is a murky line between guilt and forgiveness and giving up. In this third installment of The Alliance Series, the kids finally grow up, though we are left to wonder whether they are still the people we’ve grown to love. Do we change, as people, when forced to do unspeakable things? Can we forgive ourselves at the end of a dark journey that we couldn’t help? This almost conclusion to this saga helps answer some of these questions and makes us wonder about our own humanity.


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