I hope that none of you have landed on my site entirely by chance, but if you did – I’m an author. I write books. This site exists solely to keep readers updated on new releases, promos that I might run or an occasional introduction to some author that I discover and like enough to tell my readers about. That’s it, in a nutshell. If this is the wrong place and you don’t know why you are here or how you got here, here are a few nifty places for you to explore instead:

David Thorne’s website – you’ll definitely laugh a lot. It’s funny, irreverent and well, just bloody brilliant. Here is a link to that: 27bslash6.com

Another one of my faves, and in a spirit of diversity and all – I figured I should give you one from each gender: The Bloggess – the queen of all things snarky, human and at times humblingly well written. Here is how you get to her site: thebloggess.com

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