Signed Copies of Escape Now Available

Just a few quick announcements in no particular order. First things first. We finally put together a rather painless way for you to purchase signed copies of Escape, Book One of the Alliance Series. $13.00 includes shipping to anyplace in the Continental US, and you can purchase the copy for yourself or as a gift for someone else. It’s quick, easy and you’ll get the book within a few weeks at the most or so the USPS tells us.

Follow this link to order: purchase your signed copy>>

Book Two, The Cross is out in stores in downloadable/digital form for now and the print edition should be available within a week or so. Here are all the details and a preview. The Cross>>

And for those of you who’d already gotten through book two, Legacy, Book Three will be out shortly, though I cannot yet give the exact date.

That’s that on the salesey side of things. And now for a bit of fun.

Random bits from the few reviews I’d gotten on Escape for you.

All of these are currently displayed on Amazon.

Boring. Stuff made to make the writer feel special because they can’t get published. The other review must be a fake or a friend. Can some body ban all self published books please? Ruining my damn library.

Beautiful writing with a melancholy tone that draws you in. This is the first book I’ve read by Inna Hardison, but it won’t be the last. She is a beautiful writer and her melancholy tone drew me in…”

And one of my favorites, if only because the reviewer was so very detailed in their distaste:
“the narrative voice lacked soul and a sense of fluidity. Regardless of how much I liked the plot, the world building, and the characters, I just could not get past the oddly detached way that the narrative was written. It was like the author had sucked out every sense of genuine emotion or fluid language and replaced the narrator with an alien creature that had only the barest understanding of how human’s see the world. The story was told, events happened as they should, but every bit of beautiful prose, colorful description, and tension was shoved into a box and hidden in some dark recess out of sight.”

This took a bit of the sting out of the above review:
Ms. Hardison’s remarkable mastery of language, combined with her powerful and richly descriptive storytelling make her an author to watch. I cannot wait for the second installment…

For those of you who have read the book and want to drop in your two cents, feel free to do so on Amazon or wherever you got the book from.

Lastly – I might change the distributor for digital editions of my books, which will unfortunately mean that for a few days, my books except for the print versions will not be available for purchase. I’ll send out a quick email should that happen.