One of a Kind

The plink-thwank-plink of the cheap plastic ceiling fan. Not making it any cooler. He stares as the blades–dust on the edges he knows he won’t clean though he should–blur into a dull gray haze. There is an unpleasant tickle in his throat, not enough to call in sick, though he […] ::read more »

Conversations with Authors – Yahia Lababidi

Inna:If you were to write the first few lines of that snippet folks see on Google when they search your name, what would YOU say about you by way of an intro? Yahia:Oh my goodness. excellent question.(Takes a breath, or that’s what I imagine)Ex-writer, groper in the dark. Believes in […] ::read more »

Mission Statement:

V1.0: To empower anyone to future-proof their career. Learn, gain experience, land a job. V2.0: To provide a straightforward path from start to finish toward a new remote career. V3.0: To help anyone anywhere find their path to a new in-demand career. ——————— About At Remote Mode, we offer a […] ::read more »

Press Release

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: April 1st, 2020 Nick Murphy Beaxy teases “Tinder for trading” app. April fools or innovative fintech product? It’s like Tinder, but for Crypto today announced the upcoming launch of its revolutionary trading app. Nick Murphy, CEO talks about the new platform and why […] ::read more »

Random thoughts of the day….

Spicer seriously defended the typo of our dear leader, because clearly, dear leader must be infallible. Kathy Griffin’s less than tasteful photoshoot had her kicked off CNN and a ton of progressives screaming #notallprogressives and distancing themselves from it (and from her) I never cared much for her as a […] ::read more »

Let the HUNT Begin…

We used to bury treasure, as kids. Small things, trinkets we’d salvaged in dusty attics, old copper coins darkened by age, hard candy–because those always seemed indestructible to our young minds–and whatever else we could get our hands on. Generally, we’d throw these collective possessions into a tin from shortbreads […] ::read more »

A confession…

There won’t be any offers or promotions in this post. Just some thoughts I couldn’t help but jot down. A confession of sorts, so bear with me, or feel free to skip this if you like. I live in a smallish place on the Atlantic, roughly an hour and change […] ::read more »