20 Awesome SciFi and Fantasy books to choose from…all free

Hi there. I’ll keep this brief. Being an indie author has its ups and downs, one of the most obvious of the downs being a lack of support that publishing houses tend to provide, not just for marketing purposes but to allow for an occasional venting of one’s lousy or great ideas, frustrations and passions. I’m lucky to have run into a few fantastic indie authors in my short journey to publishing, and I’d love to intro you to some of their work. Pick any book(s) that appeal to you at the following link and download it in whatever format you want. I’d read some of these and loved them. Others are at the top of to read list. These are some awesome humans trying to find their readers, their tribe. Here is to hoping you find a few new shiny discoveries.

Click this nifty link to the page where you can get more details and download your selections:

20 Author Promotions – Free Awesome Books>>

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PS: Book Four is currently in the process of final edits and cover design. I’m hoping to have it in the stores by the middle of November at the latest. If you want to read a few preview chapters, holler at me and I’ll email them to you.

What say you?