Random thoughts of the day….

Spicer seriously defended the typo of our dear leader, because clearly, dear leader must be infallible.

Kathy Griffin’s less than tasteful photoshoot had her kicked off CNN and a ton of progressives screaming #notallprogressives and distancing themselves from it (and from her)

I never cared much for her as a comedian, but the hypocrisy is killing me.

Meanwhile in news that matter – we are back to unraveling decades of actual progress, only now with the world not only watching, but laughing. I guess in light of the Paris accord withdrawal, the Russia probe and the rest of it – a bloody tasteless joke and an invented word are small potatoes indeed.

Though I must admit that waking up this morning to the brilliance that is at times Twitter made at least that gaffe entirely worthwhile, and for that I thank HIM.

What say you?