Book Three, Legacy is now on Amazon

Hello everybody and apologies for the somewhat long silence. I’ve been busy working on the release of book 3, Legacy. I had to make a business decision to enroll all but the first book in KDP Select, which for those of you who don’t know means Amazon has an exclusive right to sell digital/e-book versions of the books for 90 days. As much as I don’t like monopolies, Amazon’s KU borrow library and promotions that go along with giving them the exclusive seemed like the only way to get some traction for these brand new books.

That said, there WILL indeed be paperback versions available in both Amazon and B&N stores shortly and I’ll let everybody know. For now, here is the status and promotional info on each of the first three books:

Escape – Available for free everywhere e-books are sold or in paperback form from Amazon and B&N. Click the store you like below to grab a copy.

Click a store to download for FREE


The Cross – Available on Amazon in kindle format only, though you CAN read it on any device, you just need a free kindle app to do so. The price is $3.99. Free with Kindle Unlimited service. June 10-12th, the price will be .99 cents, so if you haven’t bought it yet, wait till then and save a few bucks.

Follow this link to Amazon US Store >>Buy The Cross

Legacy – Available on Amazon in kindle format only for $3.99 or read for free with Kindle Unlimited account.

Follow this link to Amazon US Store >>Buy Legacy

If you have any issues, just hit reply to this email and I promise I’ll respond as soon as I can.

One last thing for now: I’m told that reviews are indeed a big deal, not only because potential new readers rely on them, but because no self-respecting book promotion service will take my money to advertise said book unless there is a certain number of reviews attached. So if you’d read any of them and have anything at all to say about it, please do so on Amazon or wherever you purchased your copy from. It doesn’t have to be long or good. It can be a one-liner: “This books was so awful, I couldn’t get past the first sentence” – totally fine. “Loved it. Want more” – also fine.

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