Oooops on yesterday’s post…

I must really enjoy apologizing, if you consider that I managed to yet again send out an email where something or other was broken/not working right. I don’t, really, but since technology is kicking my butt, I must, so without further ado:

To any of you who tried clicking on those weird little boxes in your email yesterday – I’m sorry. Mailchimp apparently does not embed that kind of code. I should have anticipated that, but alas, I did not. So you got those blanks with a question mark in them. Annoying, confusing and well – decidedly un-sexy. My bad.

If you dropped that email into trash for lack of appeal or for the confusion it caused, I don’t blame you. In a nutshell, it said two important things so I’ll just reiterate them briefly:

Book Three, Legacy was released yesterday and is available on Amazon (KU subscribers can read it for free). Follow this link if you want to>> Grab a copy of Legacy, Book Three of Alliance Series

Book Two, The Cross will be discounted to .99 from June 10-12 on Amazon, so if you haven’t read it yet, grab it then and save a few bucks for someone else’s book. Grab a copy of The Cross Here>>

And Escape, Book One of the series is indeed free everywhere ebooks are sold. Just visit the book’s page here and scroll down for a retailer you like to get your free copy. Get a copy of Escape Here>>

That was it, in a nutshell. I may have mentioned something about reviews as well and how much we, authors, especially the un-represented variety, the indies, rely on them. So if you’ve read any of these books and want to drop in a review on GoodReads or Amazon – please do so. It doesn’t have to be long or even coherent. One liner of “this book sucked” or “this book was pretty damn cool” would work as well.

And of course if you know someone who might enjoy reading my books, sharing is definitely appreciated.

Hope you are all having a fantastic week, and again, I’m sorry for the tech mishaps on my end.



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  1. Bob Lynch says:

    Would this, by chance, be the Inna Hardison that wrote an article in Palm Coast Lifestyles magazine back in 2006? If so there is a guy people still refer to as RowBobRow that would love to catch up on the last few years. my email is still Sue is still taking good care of me and Cork is still creating havoc in the universe. Hope this note finds you well and curious enough to call. hugs Bob Lynch

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