Oooops on yesterday’s post…

I must really enjoy apologizing, if you consider that I managed to yet again send out an email where something or other was broken/not working right. I don’t, really, but since technology is kicking my butt, I must, so without further ado: To any of you who tried clicking on […] ::read more »

Book Three, Legacy is now on Amazon

Hello everybody and apologies for the somewhat long silence. I’ve been busy working on the release of book 3, Legacy. I had to make a business decision to enroll all but the first book in KDP Select, which for those of you who don’t know means Amazon has an exclusive […] ::read more »

Sorry for any tech difficulties we had yesterday…

Hi everybody. I am terribly sorry for the issues some of you had yesterday while trying to purchase a signed copy of Escape. I should have tested everything much more thoroughly. From here on out, I promise everything will work much more smoothly. We fixed all the bugs so the […] ::read more »

Signed Copies of Escape Now Available

Just a few quick announcements in no particular order. First things first. We finally put together a rather painless way for you to purchase signed copies of Escape, Book One of the Alliance Series. $13.00 includes shipping to anyplace in the Continental US, and you can purchase the copy for […] ::read more »

Escape Preview

Inna Hardison - The Alliance Series

The Fall Amelia, March 28, 2236 480 Kilometers from Carthage, NY This last bit of stolen concealer would not last much longer. She dabbed the paste on two pinkish dots just outside the bridge of her nose, spread it outward, and worked it in until she was satisfied that no […] ::read more »